Why Karma Hates Liberals

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by Henry Velez  —  I’ve seen this quote passed around, usually from the Occupy crowd. It has –some– truth to it, some.. so here are my thoughts on it.

Bertolt begins with the qualifier, “The worst illiterate is.. ” and goes on. I would disagree. As important as politics are, and for many of the reasons he provides, I would disagree and say that being Spiritually Illiterate is far, far worse. Politics affect all things temporal, whereas Spirituality affects all things eternal.

Where I would agree with him is in that he states the Politically Illiterate, “..prides himself on his political ignorance..”. In politics there are several areas to be politically acute in. There is ideology, history and current events. I’ve met plenty of people who don’t know the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative. I’ve met people who believe down to their core in Republican ideals.. yet call themselves devoted Democrats. I’ve met people who call themselves ‘devout’ Catholics, yet support pro-gay, pro-abortion Democrat politicians into office year after year.

The most common denominator here is that when a person is Politically Illiterate they tend to fall on the side of Liberalism rather than Conservativism. This is because the Liberal ideology is far more self-serving to their immediate desires. Conservatism looks to a better future for our children by way of reducing spending, reducing taxes and reducing government encroachment into our lives.

Yet it is the ignorance of Liberals who make a big show of hating Fascism.. and yet they practically lay out the red carpet for it by begging for more Government interference into our private lives on every level whether it be religion, creationism, separation of church and state, firearms/2nd Amendment, etc.

If one were to look at political history, it becomes blatantly obvious that the moment the People submitted to a Government that took away their firearms (and with it, their ability to resist a totalitarian regime).. a Fascist government is exactly what they got.

Bertolt summarizes with the comment, “..corrupt officials, the lacky of exploitative multinational corporations.” On it’s face I would agree with him. However, he does not mean that such exploitation merely exists.. he believes ALL big business by default is Evil, as do the OWS crowd. They believe the only way to rectify the situation is to use Government to take away their money and give it to.. well, the Occupy Crowd, via “government programs” to put a nice little, legal bow on it. In short, they want to do the very same thing they hate the corporations for.. only they want to be the ones who benefit from it.

SOME corporations use Government in an immoral even illegal manner by way of special lobbying and back-room deals. And I say, ‘Prosecute them.”. But not all big corporations are doing this. Coming from Liberals, who “claim” an entire people of color should not be judged by a few bad apples.. you’d think they would apply this across the board. But no, as usual they only believe that when talking about the non-white criminal. They won’t admit that not ALL corporations should be punished with having their money redistributed, even if that would destroy that business from existing next year.

To that end, all I can say is, enjoy your ignorance when you finally get what you want. Because it will be the END of your precious Starbucks and Apple gadgets. They will be marketed overseas and you’ll have to go back to generic coffee that meets government regulations and can somehow generate a profit. You’ll have to settle for wannabe Apple knock-off products because the original items were taxed so much there was no profit margin to continue operating in the US.

Just like Karma, Political Ignorance is a bitch. The answer is LESS, not more Government. If you think otherwise, say goodbye to your freedoms, and your precious Starbucks Lattes.

— Henry Velez

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Author: Henry Velez

Henry Velez is a writer, traveler and vlogger currently living in the Philippines. He has written extensively on social issues, relationships and travel.

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