What We Know And Don’t Know About Obama

What do we know and not know about Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro?

We DO NOT know precisely where he was born, although that really doesn’t matter. We DO know that he is ineligible to be President of the United States under Article II, Section 1 of our Constitution. A “natural-born” citizen is not defined per se in the Constitution, but this term was defined by the US Supreme Court in the case of Minor v, Happersett, decided in 1874. BOTH parents MUST be citizens (either native-born or naturalized) at the time of birth for the offspring to be considered ‘natural-born.’ Since BHO’s papa was a British subject (with Kenya then being a British colony) at the time of junior’s birth, Barry was (and is) not a ‘natural-born’ citizen. And just so you don’t think I’m being biased or racist or partisan, he is not alone here — Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Bobby Jindal join him in being ineligible to be President due to the status of their parents at the time of their births.

We DO know that documents that purportedly prove his citizenship — his Selective Service Registration and his Birth Certificate — are not genuine articles, and although he never established residency in the state, BHO holds a Connecticut Social Security Number (starting with 043) that was never(?) issued. He doesn’t have a SSN with Hawaii’s first 3 numbers (575-576), even though his first job, which would have required him to have a SSN, was at a Baskin-Robbins store dishing ice cream in Hawaii when he was still in High School. SSN 042-68-4425, the one being used by Obama, has been flagged by E-verify as invalid (never issued).

We DO NOT know if he was adopted by his stepfather, although we DO know he attended school in Indonesia as an Indonesian (and a Muslim) under his alias above. If he was, then his shaky US citizenship would have to have been renounced as Indonesia didn’t let non-citizens attend school (and didn’t recognize dual citizenship.)

We DO NOT know his traveling accommodations after his birth. His mother traveled to Seattle to attend UW shortly after his birth. Immigration records are mysteriously missing for the week of his birth, and passport and his visa records have been sealed. Why?

We DO NOT know if his mother actually married, or, if so, actually divorced Barrack Obama, Sr. as these records are not available. Why?

We DO NOT know under what passport(s) (or even the country/countries that issued them) he traveled in the 1980’s. It could not have been a US passport if he traveled to Pakistan as he claims because Pakistan was one of several countries that we would not grant visas for back then.

We DO NOT know under what circumstances he registered at Occidental College, Columbia University, or Harvard University. Did he register as a foreign student and take advantage of scholarships intended only for foreign-born students? We also DO NOT know of anyone who remembers him from Occidental College or Columbia University. And we also DO NOT know about his courses of study at these vaunted places of higher learning, who paid his tuition, what grades he got, what his thesis was about, or how he got any scholarships, if any. What articles did he write as editor of the Harvard Law Review? We DO NOT know!  

We DO know that Obama is NOT much of an athlete, although he would have us believe he is just the opposite. He  bowls “like someone from Special Olympics” (his words.) He has no idea of the mechanics of throwing a baseball; watch the comparison side-by-side video of him and George W. for proof of that. He reportedly is not very good at his self-professed favorite sport, basketball. He also is supposedly good at golf. He has played nearly as many rounds (100 as of June 21, 2012) since becoming president as Tiger Woods has in the same time frame. But like his college records, his golf scores are kept out of the media, and the courses he plays are cleared of other golfers while he’s there (ostensibly for security reasons.)

We DO know that the Obamas like to go on lavish, extravagant vacations — and charge the American people for them. They probably would not be doing all this if they couldn’t let us pick up the tab. But 18 vacations in just 3 and 1/2 years is a bit much. His immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, went to the family ranch in Crawford, TX for most of his vacations and worked both to maintain the property and at his JOB while there.

We DO know that Obama is the king of fundraisers, having recently held his 160th fundraiser this election cycle. That’s more than the last 4 presidents COMBINED. But it seems that his allure is wearing off; Romney is kicking his butt in raising campaign money. The SCOTUS decision on Obamacare has helped Romney’s efforts immensely.

Fundraising, vacations, and golf — all done at the taxpayer’s expense. Sweet gig, if you can get it.

We DO know that BHO suffers from a severe case of narcissism. We have as evidence the Greek columns; the God-like reverb when he speaks; the arrogant ‘look-down-your-nose and bask in the radiance of your own glory’ poses while the masses faint before you; the constant use of ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘my’; the insertion of references to himself in the official White House biographies of past presidents; I could go on and on.

We DO know he cannot accept the blame for any of his failures and will come up with someone or something other than himself to pass the buck and blame. This is another one of the narcissistic traits he possesses. Someone else is at fault — Bush, the tsunami, Bush, headwinds from Europe, Bush, the hurricane, Bush, the Republicans in Congress, etc.

We DO know that BHO sat in the pew of a racist Black Liberation theologian for 20 years and did not question the rabid anti-American rantings of his pastor. This hate-spewer married Barry and Michelle and baptized his two girls. He also has a track record of hate-filled sermons against the US and Jews that would normally ensure you wouldn’t get elected to anything higher than City Councilman, at best, if news of your association with him were understood beyond the parish.

We DO know that admitted radicals, socialists, and terrorists are his mentors and friends — Rashid Khalidi, Frank Marshal Davis, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn to mention a few. Has any serious candidate or President been associated with even one person who is trying to destroy our government?

We DO know that his political career began at the home of that unrepentant domestic terrorist couple, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. They were founding members of the Weather Underground, a more violent offshoot of the radical SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). The “weathermen” bombed the Pentagon, the US Capitol, and several other buildings including a NYPD precinct in which several policemen were killed.

We DO know that BHO joined the “New Party” on January 11, 1996 in Chicago. The New Party is a socialist party dedicated to eradicating capitalism. He joined it prior to his first election into the Illinois state government. He attended a meeting, spoke and asked for their endorsement, signed a Candidate Contract, and JOINED the party.

We DO know that he has surrounded himself with self-identified Communists and Socialists who idolize Mao or Hugo Chavez, the socialist dictator of Venezuela. They are more comfortable citing Cuba’s Castro or Stalin than our founding fathers when they speak about government.

We DO know that he has kept only ONE significant promise since his election — by shoving Obamacare down the throats of a country that does not want it. This abhorrent law is so convoluted and massive that it is still being discovered just how deeply this nightmare will enslave and destroy the people. The SCOTUS, unfortunately, decided it is constitutional.

We DO know that he follows the plans of Saul Alinsky and the ideas of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, which are antithetical to a constitutional republic. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, dedicated to the first radical Lucifer, is how Obama has run his political strategies, and it has also influenced his Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who did her college thesis on Alinsky. The Cloward-Piven plan is to overload the government system with entitlements and have as many as possible enrolled in these entitlement programs to make the system collapse under its own weight. 

We DO know that his energy policy is anti-business. He wants to bankrupt businesses that deal with coal, regulate to death the oil industry by making it all but impossible to drill for the vast resources we are discovering, and ensure that “energy rates will necessarily skyrocket” under his cap-and-trade plan.

We DO know that he is in favor of gay marriage and abortion on demand, even in the event of the abortion being botched and the child surviving the procedure. This is another step down the path of immorality that will lead to the end of our way of life. John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

We DO know that his policies, both foreign and domestic, are based on fantasy, not reality. Investing in “green jobs” while trying to turn our tried-and-true energy sources into pariahs has flushed billions of taxpayer dollars down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again and causing the prices of conventional energy to “necessarily skyrocket.” His constant apology tours, bowing to other leaders, blaming the US for the world’s ills, and abandoning traditional allies and newer allies (since the end of the Cold War) in favor of our traditional enemies and newer enemies (since 9-11), has turned the world upside down.

The further we peel the layers off the onion that is Barack Obama, the more we discover what should have been divulged prior to his election in 2008. The failure by the mainstream media to properly and objectively vet our President implicates them in the biggest crime against the people in our country’s history.

We DO know that if allowed to continue as president for another term, this country will likely not be able to recover from the depths we will be dragged into. Think Great Depression times 10. Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain are showing us that the course we are on is fatal. The last exit to salvation for this nation is November. If we don’t take it, we are doomed!

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Ref. & Re-printed from:  The Western Center for Journalism


Author: Henry Velez

Henry Velez is a writer, traveler and vlogger currently living in the Philippines. He has written extensively on social issues, relationships and travel.


  1. Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago’s South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.:

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  2. Actually it is well documented that Obama was known at Occidental College. What you said about having to have both parents be American born for you to be eligible to become president isn't true. The truth is that only one of your parents has to be an American citizen for someone to become president. You don't even have to have been born in this country to be eligible to run for presidency as long as just one of your parents is an American citizen. A lot of what you are saying is complete fiction. I agree that Obama is not much of a leader and I do think the country as we know it is in grave state but using unfounded conspiracy theory isn't helpful. In another article you published it says that the US Fed is loaning huge quantities OUR money to secret sources. That's rubbish. The US Fed is a privately owned bank and not part of the US Government and it isn't our money they're lending. Talk about poorly educated Americans. There are 5 main Banks that finance everything in the world. It's not our Presidents that manipulate our destiny at all. They are a puppet show to give citizens the illusion that their vote can make a difference. The smokescreen of Abortion and gay marriage are offered up to inflame and distract the masses as to who is pulling the REAL strings and why. Republicans and Democrats is just a sick game the Bankers use to divide us and distract us while they construct bubble economics to grow burst and harvest. Focus on the top Banks. They are the Aristocracy and we are their property. WAKE UP!!!

  3. Henry is a person of strong conviction. I find his eternal optimism inspiring. The man has moved half way around the world to a third world county he had never even visited before. He's been mugged, robbed and dealt with all kinds of inconveniences and complicated relationships yet he always sees the bright side of things. He is a gift that keeps on giving in so many ways.

    This article above was published I believe for the best of reasons though much of it isn't consistent with the facts. I almost wish it were as he says. Unfortunately I think he has got most of it wrong but it is a view many believe whole heartedly. Henry is a moral man of great conviction and I respect that. The problem has little to do with Obama unfortunately as I wish it was that simple but our entire so called "political system" has been hijacked by something far worse than most can imagine. It isn't anything to do with the Middle East. Those people are the victims not the perpetrators. They are just a manufacture excuse. Americans are led into war that are anything but honorable. America really isn't in control. It has everything to do with World Bank and the IMF's agenda.

    Soon the Internet will be heavily filtered and our only remaining source of unbiased information will be eliminated. All mainstream media is heavily ensured just as it was in Russia during the cold war. It's a new global cold war in the making.

    If you read everything you can Google on "The Bretton Woods Financial System" you will begin to see what's really going on. Reliable historical facts are there but you'll have to investigate it yourselves. It wont be mentioned on any mainstream media format. Another thing to read up on is The Bilderburg Group. Once you read up you'll see that Obama is certainly a puppet alright but so are all his colleagues on either side of the so called "political process" That's the Left and the Right. It's a song and dance show to keep us frustrated, paranoid and most of all distracted from whats truly going down.

    Henry is usually very factual and I cant wait to read his novels. Reading his blog is a pleasure. He is very gifted.

  4. Third times a charm. Henry's view on Obama is shared by millions. I'm not in that camp but I do believe he sold out when he accepted enormous campaign contributions from the worlds most powerful Bankers. Not a single Wall St Bank Executive that was involved in our market crash was ever charged with a crime instead they took so called stimulus money and increased their bonuses. Obama is a puppet that protected the Wall St crooks and the very system of looting that got us into this mess in the first place. There will be another huge market crash and the Banks will once again rake in the equity as millions more end up homeless.

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