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Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

It would appear that Tiger Woods may have cheated on his wife. With four women coming forward and the bizarre incident outside his home at 2am and a vague confession to ‘transgression’.. it’s not looking good.

Most people seem shocked that this would be coming from someone so conservative and successful as Tiger Woods. If this had been Kid Rock or 50 Cent.. it hardly would have made news. That, to me, shows a persistent belief in our society that still thinks some people are of higher moral standard than others. Well, those who have had this conversation with me know that it is my belief that all, yes.. all people have one if not more than one vice they in particular have a weakness for. Just as some people have natural-born talent to play an instrument, sing, encourage others, exercise patience, etc.. there are vices as well particular to each person.

Some people may cheat on their partner.. yet would never, ever think to steal money from anyone for any reason under any circumstance. They’d make a great business partner but a lousy spouse. The tricky thing in all this is that we’d like to think we can size someone up and figure out if they are the one with a proneness to drunkenness, infidelity, gambling, lying, gossiping, envy, greed or whatever. But those who are well aware of their own weakness are often especially good at hiding it as well.

Think of how many times some serial killer is apprehended and as the friends or neighbors are interviewed they say things like, “He seemed like such a nice person..”, “A very quiet man..”, etc. Only after the scandalous events of the last decade do we now dare make the link between priests and child molesting. But such is reality, and in the case of Tiger Woods reality is back in our faces.

So, the next question then is, why? Why would a man with such success and a wife of his choosing make the decision to cheat on his wife? I’ll give you my answer, you can agree or disagree but I’ll share it for what it’s worth. I do not believe a person (man or woman) cheats because someone ‘more’ attractive lays temptation in front of them, though it may appear that way. I don’t believe a person cheats because they are not getting their sexual needs met at home, though that -can- be used as a -reason- (but not an excuse, there’s a difference).

What I do believe is that some people have a weakness to that particular vice.. and from that weakness at some point comes a quiet decision to give in to it. For any person’s weakness, no matter what it is, they often have to make that resolution all through their lives to turn it away. But if they decide to give in to it.. it’s now just a matter of opportunity.. which is never far away. For any celebrity, a star struck adoring fan is never hard to find.

A spouse can be starving their mate for sex and, yes.. it will drive their mate into temptations they really should not have to be dealing with as a married person. But even then, a person with a strength for honoring the marital vows will still refuse any opportunity that comes along. There’s a very old saying, thousands of years old that says, “If your strength fails you in the day of adversity.. your strength is insufficient.”

Okay, so Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. It’s not because he was under the stress of poverty, lack of a mate or an abundance of women fawning at his very appearance. When you get right down to it.. he cheated because he wanted everything he already has.. and more. Once he made that decision, it simply came to fruition. I myself, and I am sure you yourself, know of men with adoring and loving wives and yet.. the man either on a single occasion or repeatedly chose to be unfaithful. Women with adoring husbands have done the same.

Rich people get caught shoplifting. Loving children are murdered by their own Mothers. People who are not even running late break the speed limit. It is not the circumstances we should be looking at.. but the quiet, important decisions people make as to what they will or will not do at that moment. I do believe -some- people can learn from their weaknesses and become a shining example after the fact. (Others just get worse over time.) Ever meet a successful ex-smoker? They are the hardest on people who are wishy-washy about quitting smoking.

I don’t look down on Tiger Woods, I don’t excuse his decisions either. I simply believe he had a choice to make and he made the morally wrong one. If he still desires to have a variety of women in his life.. I’d have more respect for him if he gave his wife and children financial support along with a divorce and exercised his choice without making a sham of his marriage. That’s all. But that’s just me. I’m just another human being with my own weaknesses and virtues. But, as a society as a whole, I’d say we’re all just a bit more disappointed than angry.

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