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Despite the fact that I am an unabashed (and unapologetic) Conservative Republican, I am not one to be found waving the flag or waxing patriotic on any particular day. I usually have way too many other things on my mind. However, today I would like to take a few moments to do exactly this for the sake of posterity and mutual edification.

Consider, just for a moment, this country of ours.. the United States of America. When seen against the backdrop of history, this nation of ours truly is a bold new ‘experiment’ and a newborn nation at that. Considering nations across Europe and Asia which have been in existence for several thousands of years while we, as Americans, are but newborns still wet behind the ears. While Europe was engaged in the Crusades and Asia was enveloped in monumental wars of incredible size.. North America was quietly dormant while the Constitution was still several thousand years from being penned.

However.. now consider what this bold new experiment in freedom has produced in just the last 100 years. A mere blip in time compared to the history of other nations, mind you. The United States has made more global contributions in the areas of medicine, industy, science and sociology than all other nations combined. Period.

Who gave the world the gift of harnessed electricity? Thomas Edison, an American inventor raised in a country where it is believed “anything is possible” and “anyone can make a difference”. But more importantly, anyone can (and should) profit from their own creative efforts. And while the Industrial Revolution was well under way in the 1800’s.. it was an American by the name of Henry Ford who brought the idea of interchangeable parts to both the industrial and consumer level that caused industry to take off like a thunder-clap across the globe. The cross-continental railroad. The invention of sustainable flight by the Wright Brothers. The conversion of nuclear power to electricity. The first landing on the Moon. Automobiles. Supersonic flight. Television. Motion Pictures. Rock and Roll. The drive-in theatre. The InterNet (by the US Government as an emergency communications network project, not by Al Gore as he falsely presumed upon himself).

These and so many, many more inventions which made their first appearance on this planet right here on this baby of a nation known as the United States of America. Even today the United States is the pioneer both in financing and producing the best research and development in medical procedures as well as newly developed pharmaceuticals. Add to this that the United States has donated more money, food and rescue services to more places on the globe than any other country in history. And it continues to do so wherever there is famine or natural disasters.

So then, how does one nation accomplish so much in so little time? We are not a better people. Our nation is made up of people from every nation on the planet who came here either currently or from previous generations of immigrants. No, it is not because we are a better people.. but it is because we as a people are fortunate enough to live in a country which is framed by a Constitution that grants us the Freedom to benefit from our own ideas, our own labors and our own ingenuity. The purpose of the State is not to tell us what we cannot do.. but to safeguard the public so that we may individually work, think and profit in a free market society. This.. this is what has motivated even the most common of men in our country to develop new ideas, new inventions, new products that they may see the fruit of. In socialist or caste system societies a man is either born rich or born poor and such is his unchangeable lot in life. But.. in the United States a man, woman or child can better themselves via education, skill sets or ingenuity and not only improve their own lot in life.. but have an abundance to provide work and charity to others.

Make no mistake about it.. the United States of America is the greatest nation on this earth. Not because we are moral. Not because our people are somehow ‘better’ or smarter. And not even because of all the great contributions it has made to the World in the areas previously mentioned. No, there is one reason why America is the greater country and it is this.. a true and unflinching belief that all men are created equal and have a right to be Free. Free to raise their own families according to their own religion. Free to choose their own financial course in life. Free from unlawful search, seizure or process. Free to develop new ideas into new industries. Free to pursue their own happiness.

Now, it has not been a perfect road along the way. But the Constitution that frames our country is what has lead to the abolishment of slavery. It has led to a greater equalization of rights for women and minorities. It has lead to the end of child labor. It has lead to the protection of privacy in our homes and person. It has preserved our individual right to purchase and retain firearms as private citizens for both the defense of our families and our nation.
But, this Country is only getting started. The work is not over. There are still enemies to our freedoms both domestic and abroad. One of our chief motivations in breaking free from England had to do with over-taxation. We did not tolerate it from England.. we surely should not tolerate it from within our own legislature, no matter what their political party. A man made a slave to over-taxation is not a free man.

So then, let me conclude by encouraging each of you.. my fellow Americans, to take a moment and take pride in this country you have been surely fortunate enough to find yourselves in. As dim as things may seem at a current moment.. remember you are Free. This is not something to be taken lightly. People have risked their lives and traveled far to taste the possiblity of freedom for either themselves or their children. Know that you are free to profit from your efforts, despite your surroundings. Remember that we have a militia that is standing guard to not only protect our freedoms, but they seek to preserve and encourage freedom abroad as well.

And lastly, remember that tyranny comes not only bearing guns across our borders.. but can come in the form of laws and taxation that threaten our ability to know financial freedom due to excessive taxation. Be alert to what the politicians you vote for are supporting. Become informed. Exercise your vote with care and diligence. Do not squander it to ‘fit in’ or appease someone else. Vote what is good for you and your children.

For the future of our nation rests not in the hands of a few men in Washington.. but in the votes of the Americans who can place or remove them from office to accomplish a future that is “..of the People, by the People and for the People”.

Author: Reekay

Henry Velez is a writer, traveler and vlogger currently living in the Philippines. He has written extensively on social issues, relationships and travel.

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