‘Prometheus’; Movie Review

by Henry Velez.  —  “Wow.”  That seems to be the only way to start this.  

‘Prometheus’ is not just another slash-gore ‘alien’ sci-fi.  It is a long awaited prequel to the ‘Alien’ saga.  It will be difficult to discuss the film without spoiling at least some of the film’s thunder so, if you haven’t seen it yet now is the time to move on.  I will try to reveal as little as possible just on the chance that you decide to proceed.

That being said.. the first item that comes to mind is a warning;  I do not suggest this film to anyone who is currently pregnant.  You think you’ve seen gruesome ‘Alien’ footage from the other films?  You haven’t seen anything yet.  I’m a hardcore, devoted sci-fi nut and I was getting just a bit tense myself in one particular scene.. and that’s saying alot from a guy who has eaten pizza while watching two volumes of ‘Faces of Death’.  It was that gruesome, but in a very relevant way to telling the story, not gratuitous in my value system.  Ridley Scott is so excellent at both building suspense as well as dishing out a well conceived (pardon the pun) buffet of Alien chest-bursting grossness that makes your intestines itch.

What also sets apart this film from so many others is that it keeps you mentally alert to all the nuances and implications of the story.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that many might even find both the premise and the implications of the story to be a full-frontal assault on one’s religious beliefs.  Suspension of belief is a necessity when watching a film (you didn’t really think 007 or Indiana Jones could really take all those beatings, did you?).  However ‘Prometheus’ is built upon the very question, “Where did we come from?”.  That is a tall question to ask, much less answer.  But ‘Prometheus’ does have an answer and it’s one that makes for some very interesting conversation long after leaving the theater.  Not many films can be that cerebral and that entertaining at the same time.

The special FX are absolutely up to the task of bringing this story to life.   We get to see the Zenomorph in various stages (egg, larvae, embryo, adult) and in yet another form not seen before that makes for an amazing scene which I will leave for you to discover.  If I have one ‘gripe’ it was trying to believe how much fighting and running a person supposedly is capable of after just having major surgery.  That was the only time I felt the story made too far a reach.  But that aside, when the credits began to roll and the lights came up in the theater.. everyone was quiet at first with stunned shock and awe over the two hour tale.  If you are an Alien franchise fan.. ‘Prometheus’ is an absolute must-see.  I am already considering going back to see it again but this time in 3D-Imax, both for the extra visual experience and to pick up on nuances I am sure I missed in this fully stocked banquet of sci-fi awesomeness.  Yes, it’s that good.

Henry Velez


Author: Henry Velez

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