About Henry Velez..

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Let’s see.. about me, eh? Well, in regards to writing, I wrote my first autobiography at age 10 as a classroom assignment and have had the need to write ever since. That same year I was editor of a class newspaper. Years later, in high school I found myself not only the Editor of the Creative Writing section of our school paper.. but also a chief editor for an underground creative writing newspaper that ran for three years. (First as the ‘Tamale-Taco Prezz’ but more known later as the ‘GMBLL Tribune’) Mostly satire, parody, that sort of thing. Also took my first stab at a sci-fi romance story that year. (1980)

For a while wrote some theological essays. Not too much readership in that, though I believe in writing for passion’s sake, not purely for commercialism’s whimsy. If you’re going to write, write with substance dammit.

I took my first haitus during the 80’s then fired up with a vengeance in the 90’s. During that time I wrote about a hundred articles on dating, romance, relationships, etc. Much of it from personal anecdotes and observations. I also took up poetry like a fiend, sometimes scratching out poetry in my car during a rainstorm because that was when the mood hit me. Other times in the late evening.

This followed by another haitus and I am now back to writing, though focusing back to the short story again. I believe the best stories have at least one foot in personal experiences and now that I’ve been on many adventures I have some fertile ground to plow for many tales yet to be written. But write them I shall as I get the time here and there.

At age 18, I asked for ‘anything but a boring life’. And thus the unexpected, brutal waves of circumstance began to extract me from normalcy like a riptide pulling away from the shores of the mainland.”    — H. Velez