Should Non-Custodial Parents Pay Child Support?

"Do Children Deserve Support From Both Parents.. Always?"

While having dinner with a friend of mine, several years ago, we found ourselves talking about the issues surrounding child support, father’s rights and how they relate to child development. Here I will state some of the more distinct points that arose from that conversation. To me the answer and position of non-custodial parents (whether they be fathers or mothers) is clear to any reasonable or compassionate conscience. However it is not the position far too many non-custodial (NC) parents have taken once a divorce has stated child support must be provided.

Before a divorce, as a married couple, if you were to ask any father or mother whether they considered it unfair that they spend some of their income on their Continue reading

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Life’s Too Short and Too Grand..

"Life is too short to put up with selfish people."In this life, we meet all sorts of people.   Hopefully we have someone close enough to us as a life-mate that we can trust with our life and future.   And then we have close friends, also trustworthy in times of adversity and there to genuinely celebrate life’s little joys with us.  Beyond that we hopefully have cultivated an even larger circle of acquaintances, with whom we’ve fostered a good reputation as a decent person.  Among these we learn from and contribute into their lives whenever we can.  We make their life better in some way, and they do the same for us. Continue reading

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Time in the Bank

A few events and conversations came together this morning for me. As though by design they’ve led me to articulate yet another session of pondering into this article. The issue that kept reinforcing itself was the matter of ‘time’.

Sitting on a blanket at the park one day, my girlfriend (of the time) and I were talking about events past, present and future. We both agreed that people who live out their life with a malicious, selfish heart are pretty much insulated from enjoying life for any prolonged period of time. No amount of goodness injected into their life seems enjoyable to them since they only find joy in seeing others in pain or distress. Continue reading

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Much has been said, here and elsewhere, about the importance of communication in keeping a relationship functional and healthy. But something happened over the weekend that brought the issue of communicating into focus. The issue of respect.

Many times the problem is that one partner wants to discuss issues as they occur whether they be mutual decisions, feelings or problems while the other responds minimally if at all in the discussion. But it was a different scenario I overheard from my window on a warm, Sunday afternoon as my neighbors were getting ready to leave for the beach. Continue reading

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Online Dating Services: Pros & Cons

Ask someone what they think about using a ‘personals’ ad and you are likely to get into as big a discussion as religion or politics. Perhaps because it is viewed as anything from tampering with fate to a practical way of meeting that elusive mister or missus ‘Right’.

Let’s begin with what’s out there. Before cyber-space became publicly available the penpal, or ‘lonely hearts’ clubs have been around since the 1950’s. With the proliferation of the newspaper into society it was now possible to centralize ads from a variety of places into one location where anyone could easily and anonymously make known their search for companionship.   Continue reading

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‘Machismo’: What is it?

I’m torn as to whether this topic is more sad or humorous. It concerns the issue of ‘Machismo’. At least that’s what it’s called in Latin cultures and many parts of North America. Loosely defined it is the label used to describe that standard by which many men rate their own masculinity. Their virility, strength, ability to stand up against difficulty and maintain their stance as true “men among men”. Continue reading

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Beyond Mutual Desire

In an earlier article we took a look at ‘mutual desire’. Here we’ll focus on what follows after the issue of ‘mutuality’ has been established. During the process of finding a lifelong helpmate we go through certain phases in developing the relationship. Though there are many we’ll just look at those that apply to our topic at hand. Continue reading

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Mutual Desire

Being as how this was an abnormally busy week I found myself with lots of ideas running through my mind and little time to write them out, articulate them or even discuss them at length with anyone. But one common thread ran through the various ponderings and it came down to the issue of ‘the desire for love’.

Mother Teresa, known for her work among the leper colonies and providing care to the sick and dying of India, once said, (to paraphrase..) “Leprosy is not the worst plague to happen to mankind. It is instead to go through life unloved.” Continue reading

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